My 5 Favourite Bags Online

So I’ve been trawling the internet looking at all things bag related. Mainly drooling over ones that I cant afford. Every girl loves a good bag, wether its a fashion statement or a life necessity, we all love them. And with the vast variety of bags that we can fill how can we not spend hours, days or weeks looking for more of them. So I’ve put together some of my favourite ones that are affordable for you to have a looksy, I would love to here what your favourite bag is and why?


Skinny Dip Molly Pink Fluff Backpack £25

“Itssss sooo fluffyyyy” Yes i want this bag and Yes its a pink fluff. Im mad for pink fluffy things so this bag is perfect for me and it will be a star piece in my wardrobe for sure.

133-3003409-DANIELLE_PINK_MSkinny Dip Flamingo float cross body bag £28

I love this bag its pink and glittery. My boyfriend would approve of this saying its “tiki” and at only £28 whats not to love. This bag is a good spring statement, with more sun coming out its time for more colour.

133-3004868-MIXTAPE_MULTI_MI know the queen mix tape glitter clutch £65

Glitter is everything. This cute little clutch is a perfect accessory for a girls night out. This little number is great for jazzing up any outfit. Lets not forget it glittery and I am obsessed with glitter.


fjallraven kanken backpack £75

This is the perfect bag for the eco enthusiast, made from recycled bottles. Its dyed using a special technique that uses less water and chemicals, which is great for the earth. These bags are becoming more popular by the day and I am all for them. With a range of different colours you’ll be sure to find one that you love, my colour of choice is obviously pink.


Eastpak padded pak’r sukajan tiger embroidered back pack £90

This bag is to die for. I love the embroidery on the front and smooth shiny material. Most of my wardrobe consists of black so this bag fits in perfectly. I love the simplicity and grunge feel to this bag. winner winner chicken dinner.

So there it is the 5 bags I want right now and there all available online so go check them out and id love to hear about your latest bag purchases or you dream bag.




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